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Weicon Anti-Seize pasta 120gr

WEICON Anti-Seize "High-TECH" paste

Packaging: 1 Brush pot (120 grams)

White, metal-free * corrosion protection and strong assembly paste

for high-alloy steel (stainless steel / stainless steel).

Strongly adhesive, water-repellent and resistant to fresh, sea and hot water

and water vapor, alkaline and slightly acidic media.

Prevents electrolytic corrosion, fit rust, oxidation,

wear, galling and cold welding, and is

temperature resistant from -40 ° C to + 1,400 ° C.

Anti-Seize "High-TECH" is particularly suitable for assembly work where

the use of metallic agents for optical reasons is not

desirable, the use of nickel-containing agents for the sake of

health reasons is not permitted and the use of copper-containing

products is prohibited for electrochemical reasons.

* less than 0.1%


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